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How to Make a Controller? Step By Step

20 Nov 2023
How to Make a Controller? Step By Step
In this project, we will configure a Python script on our PicoBricks running with Raspberry Pi Pico to control and monitor various hardware components via web interface. The Python script will establish a Wi-Fi network connection and then generate an HTML control panel with buttons for various functions. The Python script will run on a socket server that listens for incoming web browser connections. When a web browser connects, the socket server will interpret the HTTP request from the client to determine which hardware component it needs to check or read data from. Then, the Python code will execute the relevant actions, update the status of the hardware and send the HTML response back to the client so that the client can see the status of the hardware. Basically, this project will allow you to remotely control and monitor the Picobricks robot arm and PicoBricks Robot Tank arcade vehicle via web browser interface.


Ah, the allure of building your own Wi-Fi DIY gamepad! It's a journey that combines the thrill of gaming with the satisfaction of DIY. Let's embark on this creative adventure together, blending technical steps with the joys and challenges of crafting something uniquely yours.

Build Your Own Controller

Imagine you're sitting there, holding the Two Axis Robot Arm you made with Picobricks Zero to Hero Kit and a thought comes to your mind: "What if I could control this arm with a gamepad I made myself?" This is where our journey begins. And all you need is your phone. With this controller, you are no longer just a gamer; you are a creator, an inventor, the modern Da Vinci of the digital world.

Controller for PicoBricks Two Axis Robot Arm or Robot Tank


  • Smart Phone
  • Two Axis Robot
  • or Robot Tank
  • or 2 WD Motor and Wheel Set (Inside Zero to Hero Kit)

Project Details:

  • Enter your Wi-Fi ID and password inside the MicroPython code.

    • Log in by typing the IP address on the serial port into Google search or Safari search (Phone/Computer).


    • You can control PicoBricks Robot tank or robot arm from the “PicoBricks Gamepad”.

    Customize Your Own Game Controller

    Another great thing about this project is that you can make your own customizable joyistik.

    You can access the project's code by clicking on the GitHub link below and customize your joystick by intervening in the HTML-CSS code.

    GitHub Link
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