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With 11 Years experience in maker industry, we developed the best board for Pico Bricks

Pico Bricks

Designed for all levels

You have the full control

Pico Bricks Dev & Learning Board designed for great flexibility! With its modular design, you can start with basic electronic knowledge. With its Pico Bricks IDE + Simulator, you can use both, block coding and code editor feature!

Ready for Education

For all classrooms around the world!

We created Pico Bricks for every budget around the world! With its simulator feature, only one Pico Bricks is enough for humble budgets. Just teach your students on Pico Bricks Board and let the students use Pico Bricks Simulaor without any spending!

Best Components

With more than 11 years experience, we picked the most durable and cost effective component from all around the world.

For All Levels and Ages

For Beginners; modular design, block coding and simulator. For professionals; code editor, prooboard, detailed documentation and much more!

No Cable Spaghetti

On every module on Pico Bricks, there is a connector for the core module. Even if you break it you can safely use the connectors and avoid soldering picks.

Much Cheaper than Alternatives

If you buy Pico Bricks modules seperately from reputable brands you will face with nearly 3x cost!

5 Connection Types

Pico Bricks has a built-in micro USB, 4 pin, core external headers, esp8266, and Bluetooth connector. It's a real development board. So, no fancy connectors which you can't find anywhere.

Docs & Tutorials

We created extensive documentation for detailed usage, modules, and development. Also Pico Bricks comes with a Project Book with tons of great tutorials for beginners.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

Ursula Leguin


The bıggest tech expo of the world!

Pico Bricks announced on CES 2022!

Picobricks successfully passed its first test at Ces 2022, the world’s largest technology fair. Picobricks collects a lot of interest already taking the word of a lot of investors, proved to be quite large campaign success.

Live on kickstarter

Pico Bricks is now crowdfunding on kickstarter. Catch up the early bird opportunities.
Only $39
6 Pledges for Every Need

Besides of the core package, we prepared 5 more add-on packages. One of them is definitely for you!

Shipment Warranty

This will be our second successful Kickstarter Campaign. So no worries! We did it before. We’ll make it again!