Make, Run, Split, Merge.

PicoBricks is a fantastic project development kit for STEM educators and makers of all levels. No soldering and wiring. There is unlimited creativity!

What is PicoBricks?

Pico Bricks is an electronic development board + software which is designed for use in maker projects. With ten detachable modules included, Pico Bricks can be used to create a wide variety of projects. It also includes a protoboard that you can use to add your own modules!

11 Detachable Modules

Once you’ve explored the PicoBricks modules, you may want to use some of them in a project. Although PicoBricks is compact, there’s no need to build the entire thing into your project. By detaching the PicoBricks modules, you can connect just the modules you need using cables with standard, easy-to-use Grove connectors.


Pico Bricks Dev & Learning Board designed for great flexibility! With its modular design, you can start with basic electronic knowledge. With its Pico Bricks IDE + Simulator, you can use both, block coding and code editor feature!

Best components

With more than 11 years experience, we picked the most durable and cost effective component from all around the world.

For all levels

For Beginners; modular design, block coding and simulator. For professionals; code editor, prooboard, detailed documentation and much more!


On every module on PicoBricks, there is a connector for the core module. Even if you break it you can safely use the connectors and avoid soldering picks.


If you buy PicoBricks modules seperately from reputable brands you will face with nearly 3x cost!

Easy connection

Pico Bricks has a built-in micro USB, 4 pin, core external headers, esp8266, and Bluetooth connector. It's a real development board. So, no fancy connectors which you can't find anywhere.

Full support

We created extensive documentation for detailed usage, modules, and development. Also PicoBricks comes with a Project Book with tons of great tutorials for beginners.


OLED Screen
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Raspberry Pi Pico
Reset Button
Battery Input
Motor Driver
Iot Extension Board
LDR-Light Sensor

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