Make, Run, Split, Merge.

PicoBricks is a fantastic project development kit for STEM educators and makers of all levels. No soldering and wiring. There is unlimited creativity!


What is PicoBricks?

PicoBricks is an electronic development board and software designed to accelerate the robotic coding learning process and easily make maker projects. There are 12 detachable modules on PicoBricks. This makes it a tool with unlimited possibilities for your projects.

no soldering
no cable
unlimited creativity

12 Detachable Modules

PicoBricks is very useful without being decomposed into modules. But you can decompose PicoBricks into modules to make it more limitless. A remote-controlled car, a smart greenhouse or more. This way PicoBricks can offer you more possibilities and freedom. And once you break it down into modules, you can easily connect them together with easy connectors.

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PicoBricks is designed to be easy to use for users of all levels. Don’t know coding and electronics? No problem. With PicoBricks’ easy-to-use, clear instructions, no soldering or wiring required, and simple software, you can start the learning process easily and quickly. For advanced users, PicoBricks is quite sufficient for your advanced projects with its detachable structure and built-in protoboard.


The best way to learn and easily
teach robotic coding: PicoBricks IDE

Simple, easy and fully compatible. PicoBricks IDE is a fully compatible coding platform developed for PicoBricks. It includes the visual-based PicoJr for kids just getting started with robotic coding, the block-based PicoBlockly for furthering robotic coding learning, and the text-based PicoPy for advanced programming. Also, with PicoSimulator you can experience using PicoBricks without PicoBricks in your hands. PicoBricks, together with the PicoBricks IDE, becomes a very powerful robotic coding teaching system for schools.

Get to know PicoBricks modules

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Oled Screen
You can draw or write on the OLED screen!

Addressable RGB LED
You can light the RGB LED in a color of your choice.

You can use the button as an input in your projects.

You can use this red LED in various projects.

Temp. Humidity Sensor
You can measure the temperature and humidity conditions!

You can use the relay to switch your devices on and off.

Free workspace to add any modules that you want!

Reset Button

With this potentiometer, you can control the electric current.

You can easily measure the light level!

You can make tones and play music

Bluetooth connection

Ir Receiver
Now you can control PicoBricks with the remote control and make creative projects.

Motor Driver
You can control two DC motors or two servo motors!


Easy Portable

PicoBricks can be easily carried with you with its small size and cloth carrying case. The lack of tangled cables makes it easy to use anywhere.

For All Levels

PicoBricks has been developed for users of all levels to easily learn robotic coding and develop new projects. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, picoBricks will meet all your needs


PicoBricks can be separated into modules for your advanced projects. But don't worry, after separating the modules you can put them back together on the base plate.

No More Errors

PicoBricks do not require complex wiring and soldering. Errors are therefore minimized. Now you can spend more time coding and creating.

Easy Connection

Micro USB, Battery Input, Extra sensor, motor etc. connection headers, RGB LED Connection, Protoboard, DC motor and relay connection terminals, Servo motor connections, Easy Connector, Bluetooth connection connector.

Full Support

We created extensive documentation for detailed usage, modules, and development. Also PicoBricks comes with a Project Book with tons of great tutorials for beginners.

Wireless Control

PicoBricks includes built-in wifi and infrared receiver. In this way, you can develop projects that you can control remotely. You can also add a bluetooth connection with the bluetooth port.

Suitable for Education

PicoBricks are easily portable, easy to use and require no wires or solder, have a comprehensive teacher's manual, making them well suited for educational institutions.

Comprehensive Kits

PicoBricks has comprehensive kits for every need. From beginners to advanced projects, we have thought of your every need.

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What Can You Do with PicoBricks Zero to Hero Kit?

Smart greenhouse, remote-controlled car, robotic arm, phone-controlled lamps, home appliances and more.


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