A simple and visual-based coding platform for kids who are new to robotic coding.

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Easily code PicoBricks with block coding and see python code at the same time.



Do high-level coding with text-based python.



With PicoBricks Simulator you can experience using PicoBricks.


                                                   You can try one of 4 different IDE options

Best Python IDE for Picobricks Raspberry Pi Kit

The best way to learn and easily teach robotic coding: PicoBricks IDE

What is PicoBricks? 


PicoBricks IDE provides a versatile coding platform suitable for users of all skill levels. It caters to beginners with PicoJr, offers a block-based coding environment with PicoBlockly for intermediate learners, and allows advanced users to work with text-based programming using PicoPy. This versatility ensures that students can progress at their own pace, starting with the basics and gradually advancing to more complex coding concepts. PicoSimulator is an invaluable addition to the PicoBricks IDE, serving as a powerful educational tool. This feature opens up a world of possibilities for users, enabling them to immerse themselves in the realm of robotics and coding without the necessity of physical hardware.

It allows them to introduce robotics and coding education into their curriculum with ease, regardless of budget constraints or limited access to physical PicoBricks devices. This is especially crucial in today’s educational landscape, where technology and STEM-related skills are becoming increasingly essential. Simulators offer a safe and risk-free environment for students to experiment, learn, and make mistakes without the fear of damaging expensive equipment. It encourages exploration and creativity, fostering a deeper understanding of robotics principles and coding concepts. Furthermore, PicoSimulator facilitates a seamless progression in robotic coding education. Beginners can start their journey without any prerequisites, gradually building their skills and confidence as they move through the PicoBricks IDE. As they gain proficiency, they can transition to using physical PicoBricks devices, already armed with a strong foundation in coding. The platform’s interface is designed to be easy to navigate, making it accessible to users of all ages. This user-friendliness is particularly important for beginners who are just getting started with coding and robotics. It provides a platform for sharing knowledge, troubleshooting, and collaborating on robotics projects.

Simple and compatible

PicoBricks IDE offers an amazing coding experience for PicoBricks. It’s user-friendly for all levels. Just connect your PicoBricks to your computer and start your learning journey effortlessly. Get ready to explore and create with PicoBricks IDE!


Code freely from anywhere

With the PicoBricks app we developed for Android tablets, you can code your PicoBricks wirelessly over Bluetooth connection. Now it’s time for freedom!


Fun coding experience with your family

Whether it’s your young child or yourself, learn robotic coding or make new projects. With PicoBricks IDE, learning and practicing robotic coding with your family will be a joy.


Coding is now child's play

PicoBricks IDE makes coding as easy as child’s play with its visual coding platform PicoJr. Now it’s time to learn while having fun!

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