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No more cable mess errors! We thought and designed everything in advance so that you can learn easily!

Unlimited Source

Picobricks For Micro:Bit has unlimited sources including books, projects, documentations and IDE!

From Zero to Hero

Individuals of all ages, even children, can quickly get involved in software and electronics thanks to the code block structure, IDE, comprehensive books and ready-made projects!

Code Wherever You Want

With its light, small and modular structure, you can even carry it in a school bag and code wherever you want!

Discover the IDE of Picobricks Micro:Bit

The term “IDE” often refers to an “Integrated Development Environment.” It is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities for picobricks development. You can do block coding or text based coding with the IDE!



You can make unlimited projects with Picobricks. However, we will be providing you with the projects you will need in the beginning.



You can learn Software and Hardware Learning Book for children, teachers and families. Discover starter projects and get a way with Picobricks for Micro:Bit


Mini Tank

Boom! Do you want to make a rogue tank with wide tracks that wanders around? Mini tank addon is exactly for you! Can be done with motor driver bricks and main board!


Safe Box

"Silence!! There is confidential information that I must keep secret. But I don't trust safes. Secure safe addon specially for those who say 'It is best to make my own safe. " A very fun project with potentiometer, main board, OLED screen and button.


Smart Trash Bin

You're one of those people who don't want to touch the trash can, right? Yes we know. One of our developers thought so too. So what did we do, smart trash can! Wola!


Money Box

Saving money is hard and boring. When you say this needs some entertainment, here comes Smart Money Box. Maybe it can also be used as a type box, huh?


Ferris Wheel

Remember those summer days when the skies were blue, and you wished you could touch the clouds? Well, now you can relive that dream with our Ferris Wheel Ride addon! It doesn’t just stand there looking pretty; it rotates with a mesmerizing allure. Ideal for those who want to add a touch of amusement to their space. Crafted with gears, a main board, and LED lights, this DIY Ferris Wheel can also become a magical nightlight. Ready for a spin?


Smart Green House

Have you ever imagined plucking fresh, juicy strawberries right from your living space? The nostalgic days of planting beans in cotton might have been a delightful introduction to the world of gardening, but the future beckons with more advanced and sustainable methods. Enter the Smart Green House Project. A fusion of technology and nature, tailored for urban dwellers. With this system, not only can you cultivate strawberries, but a variety of herbs and other greens too, right within the comfort of your home.


Touch Board Brick

The touch board module is a module with 14 touch sensors. You can create touch-sensitive projects by touching the designated areas on the board.



RGB LED Module; It is a module that allows obtaining secondary colors by changing red, blue and green colors between 0-255. The PicoBricks development board has 3 addressable RGB LD sensors.


Micro:Bit Brick

The main board module is a module that enables communication between the Micro:Bit and PicoBricks. You can establish connections with all modules without the need for cable connections, by connecting the Micro:Bit to the connector designated for the Micro:Bit on the module.


Screen Brick

Thanks to the OLED Module, images, text, GIFs, etc. can be displayed on the 128 x 64 OLED screen. We can create image outputs.


Button and Potentiometer Brick

In the button and potentiometer module, we can provide physical input to the circuit. A potentiometer is an adjustable resistor. By turning the potentiometer on PicoBricks, we can change the resistance value entering the circuit. By pressing the button on the module, we can provide a digital input to the circuit.

PIR-Sensor (1).png__PID:bbe8d253-caee-4f9d-89f8-560fef96cdf3

Motion Brick

It is a module that returns the motion detected from the environment as a digital value (0 or 1). We can create a systems that detects motion in the environment

Relay (1).png__PID:82bbe8d2-53ca-4e2f-9d49-f8560fef96cd

Relay Brick

The relay is an electronic switch. If it allows the current to pass through it, the value of the relay will be "1", otherwise it will be "0". Using the PicoBricks Relay module, we can control the current going to different electronic devices.

Motor-Driver (1).png__PID:5d82bbe8-d253-4aee-af9d-49f8560fef96

Motor Driver Brick

The motor driver module is used to control the motors by microcontroller.. These modules provide the power needed to control the motor and can often control the speed, direction. Thanks to the motor driver module, we can operate 4 servos and 2 DC motors at the same time.


Temperature and Humidity Brick

It is a module that allows us to detect the temperature and humidity values of the environment. The module detects the temperature value of the environment with + / - 0.2-degree accuracy and humidity value with a 2% tolerance of error.


Light Sensor Brick

It is the sensor that allows us to detect the amount of light in the environment. It returns an analog value based on the amount of light in the environment.


Action Brick

Thanks to the Gesture module, we can detect the direction of hand-arm movements, the colour of an object brought close to the module, the light value of the environment, and proximity values, and use them in our projects.


Wireless Brick

The Wireless module has two different sensors. The first of these sensors is the ESP01 Wi-Fi sensor, and the other one is the IR receiver. By utilizing these sensors with the Bluetooth sensor on the MicroBit, you can create IoT projects.