Basically, this project will allow you to remotely control and monitor the Picobricks robot arm and PicoBricks Robot Tank arcade vehicle via web browser interface.

Control Panel Project


Basically, this project will allow you to remotely control and monitor various LED, sensor, motor, and other components over a web browser interface.

Rock Paper Scissors Game Project


One of your favorite childhood memories is probably playing rock paper scissors game with your friends. This simple yet exciting game has maintained its popularity over the years, bringing friends together and creating lasting memories! Rock Paper Scissors Game​ This software revives the game of rock paper scissors in a modern way. With PicoBricks,...
Table of Contents How To Make a Fun Halloween Coding Activity For Kids? We have put together an engaging activity of programming for kids, offering an enjoyable and easy way to enhance their programming skills during the Halloween season. Let’s explore this exciting Picobricks Project without the need for prior programming experience!...

Crazy Frog Game Project


Table of Contents Crazy Frog Game typically refers to a video game based on the Crazy Frog character or the song. It also known as “The Annoying Thing,” is a popular internet phenomenon and advertising character. It is recognized as a wild and humorous character and has inspired many fun and zany...

Magic8Ball Project


Magic 8 Ball Game Table of Contents Are you an indecisive person, or do you want answers to a question that keeps you up all night? Here’s a fun solution: the digital recreation of the “Magic 8 Ball game” using PicoBricks’ 0.96-inch 128×64 pixel I2C OLED display! The original Magic 8 Ball is a playful...