Make DIY Smart Flower Plant Pot


We are people who work intensely or go to school every day. We can sometimes forget to water our beloved orchids on time.  That's why I decided to develop this project. In this project, I will show you step by step how to make our IoT supported, smart plant pot using the Raspberry Pi kit PicoBricks....
Greetings, animal lovers, today we are going to make an automatic pet feeder using the Raspberry Pi kit PicoBricks. We have shared the necessary 3D printing files and Python codes in the article. Let's get started then.
Ever found yourself needing to keep your computer awake but didn't want to resort to the same old software solutions? Well, dear reader, let me take you on a journey through the creation of a hardware-based, homemade mouse jiggler using the versatile Picobricks kit. It's a tale of ingenuity, fun, and a...

Moving Tail Project


In this project, a servo motor works its magic to create a movement that resembles a tail. You are free to add this intriguing motion to any figurine of an animal you like; we went with a mouse, but the possibilities are endless!

New Year STEM Activities


As the New Year approaches, doing new year STEM activities in the classroom seems like a great idea. In this article, we have collected activity ideas that you can do with your friends and students. Enjoyable reading.

DIY Bingo Random Number Generator


 In this project, we are making our own bingo number generator with the Raspberry Pi Kit Picobricks. Don't worry, we have explained how to do it step by step and prepared the necessary Python codes for you.

How to Make Raspberry Pi Radar?


Beep... Beep... How interesting is the sonar sound we hear in movies? How sonar systems that detect ships kilometers away work has always been a matter of curiosity for us engineer candidates.Today is the time to satisfy this curiosity. Let's make a homemade radar step by step.

Christmas STEM Projects


Here Our Christmas Stem Activitie Ideas: Christmas RGB LED Memory Game Christmas Art Projects Funny Night and Day Game

Two Player Thermometer Game


Here's a summary of STEM Winter Activity: A Picobricks Mainboard with temperature and humidity sensors measures the ambient temperature for you, but keeps it secret from the players. Then players take it in turns to enter their temperature predictions. The closest guess wins the game.

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Incorporate STEM into Classrooms with Examples

Incorporate STEM into Classrooms with Examples

Table of Contents I have previously mentioned that our team includes many STEM experts and engineers. I will try to explain step...
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How to Start Robotics at Home Easily?

In recent years, a popular topic has been robotics... As the number of robots around us increases, especially parents are looking for...

How to Use PicoBricks with Arduino

Arduino Programming Language Picobricks offers us the opportunity to code with Arduino C. Getting started coding the Raspberry Pi Pico at the...