Moving Tail Project


In this project, a servo motor works its magic to create a movement that resembles a tail. You are free to add this intriguing motion to any figurine of an animal you like; we went with a mouse, but the possibilities are endless!

New Year STEM Activities


As the New Year approaches, doing new year STEM activities in the classroom seems like a great idea. In this article, we have collected activity ideas that you can do with your friends and students. Enjoyable reading.

Two Player Thermometer Game


Here's a summary of STEM Winter Activity: A Picobricks Mainboard with temperature and humidity sensors measures the ambient temperature for you, but keeps it secret from the players. Then players take it in turns to enter their temperature predictions. The closest guess wins the game.
There are 1 x 5mm red LED and 1 x WS2812B RGB LED on Picobricks. While normal LEDs can light up in one color, RGB colors can light up in different colors, both primary and secondary colors. In this project we will use the red LED on Picobricks.
Different types of buttons are used in electronic systems. Locked buttons, push buttons, switched buttons… There is 1 push button on Picobricks. They work like a switch, they conduct current when pressed and do not conduct current when released. In the project, we will understand the pressing status by checking whether the...

Remote Test Project


The aim of this code was to create an interactive application using the PicoBricks kit to integrate an IR remote control and an OLED display. Through this process, you will successfully craft an interactive experience with an IR remote control, with the aim of elucidating the operational logic of the remote control...

Truth Or Dare Project


Today, we invite you to elevate the experience of a traditional game – “Truth or Dare” – by integrating it with Raspberry Pi and an OLED display. Now, you can embrace the excitement of playing this classic game with your friends or family, all infused with the magic of technology.
In the "Thermometer Monitor Project Using Raspberry Pi Kit", we utilize the Picobricks Raspberry Pi kit to measure and display environmental temperature and humidity. This project involves block programming to write Python code, providing a hands-on learning experience in using humidity and temperature sensors. You'll learn to monitor and see the temp...
When we look at the electronic items around us, you realize that they have many replaceable features and they are designed by engineers to be most useful to the user. Such as lighting systems, cooking systems, sound systems, cleaning systems. The way it works, the amount, the method, etc., by many system...

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Incorporate STEM into Classrooms with Examples

Incorporate STEM into Classrooms with Examples

Table of Contents I have previously mentioned that our team includes many STEM experts and engineers. I will try to explain step...
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How to Start Robotics at Home Easily?

In recent years, a popular topic has been robotics... As the number of robots around us increases, especially parents are looking for...

How to Use PicoBricks with Arduino

Arduino Programming Language Picobricks offers us the opportunity to code with Arduino C. Getting started coding the Raspberry Pi Pico at the...