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Truth Or Dare Project

27 Nov 2023
Truth Or Dare Project

Truth or Dare Blog

Are you looking for electronic projects for beginnersWelcome to the Enchanting World of PicoBricks! Today, we invite you to elevate the experience of a traditional game – “Truth or Dare” – by integrating it with Raspberry Pi and an OLED display. Now, you can embrace the excitement of playing this classic game with your friends or family, all infused with the magic of technology. By integrating the core logic of the game into PicoBricks, you have the freedom to add entertaining questions and daring tasks. Personalizing the game is entirely up to you in this truth or dare blog. Wishing you happy coding and delightful gaming adventures!

Details and Algorithm

The algorithm for this electronic project for beginners begins by initializing the system and presenting the message “Spin the Bottle” on the screen, prompting player engagement through a potentiometer and button interface. Upon pressing the button, the code discerns the player’s choice between “truth” or “dare” based on the potentiometer input. Opting for “truth” results in the program displaying a randomly chosen question, requiring the player to provide a correct answer. Alternatively, selecting “dare” leads to the program showcasing a randomly assigned mission, challenging the player to fulfill the specified task. To ensure a smooth experience, the code incorporates suitable delays, preventing unintended or rapid inputs, thereby crafting an entertaining and interactive “Truth or Dare” game tailored for the PicoBricks.


1 x PicoBricks

Wiring Diagram

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