PicoBricks Base Kit: Robotics Project Starter Kit

PicoBricks Base Kit: Robotics Project Starter Kit

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Ethan Hollis
solid Quality, solid stuff!

Can't recommend Picobricks enough. A must-have for anyone into robotics or STEM projects. It's like, how did I ever manage without them????

Alan Ford
well-designed more like well-done...

constantly amazed by Picobricks. The versatility? insane!!!! Anything I imagine, I can create. Robotics has never been this approachable, even for my kids!

Tony Moreno
Affordable kits heck yes

so easy to use, my kids are in on the fun too. They're creating stuff I never even thought of, Picobricks makes it all so accessible!

Benjamin Archer
if you're a beginner this is IT

The quality of Picobricks? Unbeatable. Solid, well-made, built to last, perfect for all my robotic projects.

Olivia Harwood
Education's gone interactive guys

never knew robotics could be this fun. Picobricks turned it all around for me, it's like a new world of creativity opened up!!

In the PicoBricks Base Kit, which we have developed so that those who have basic knowledge about robotic projects and modules can start developing projects, we offer 11 different modules and 9 different add ons together with the Mainboard, where the Raspberry Pi Pico is connected to each other without soldering. These add ons will allow you to make beginner level projects.

It is also a Python starter kit for kids. With beginner level projects, 3 e-books and a block-based coding IDE, it is the best helper in children's python learning journey.

Learn Python Programming Kit for Kids 

Introducing Raspberry Pi Beginner Project Kit: Picobricks Base Kit. This revolutionary product combines 11 robotic components and one Raspberry Pi Pico on a single board without soldering or wiring. It also includes 4 connection cables, 1 IR Reciver, 10 jumper cables, 1 USB cable, 1 battery holder, 10 easy connectors, 1 wooden stand and 1 breadboard.

You can code and control all these modules with BricksIDE, our self developed block based coding program. In this way, children can learn python fun and without difficulty.


For starters, PicoBricks simplifies the intricate world of electrical circuits and programming. Often, when diving into this realm, many feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. But with the PicoBricks Basic Kit, uncertainty becomes a thing of the past. It's designed for those who are keen on coding for kids and even offers a peek into the wonders of raspberry pi for kids.

All in One

Learn Robotic Modules

PicoBricks Motor Driver Raspberry Pi Pico W
OLED Screen Protoboard E-Book
RGB Led Easy Connector Quick Start Guide
Button Terminal Wooden Stand
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Header Base Plate
Relay IoT Board Infrared sensor 
Potentiometer Simulator Battery Holder
LDR Battery Input USB Cable
Buzzer Detachable Mini Breadboard
Connecting Cables Base Plate Jumper Cables

E-Books, Project Library and BricksIDE All in One Box

You may have heard about STEM education in recent years. In summary, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and it refers to the integration of these four disciplines in education and professional applications.

In this new world where robots are all around us, versatile and open-minded individuals who have received STEM education and developed themselves in the field of robotic coding can express themselves better and are more successful in their business life.

Being aware of this, our STEM-oriented Starter Kit offers extra resources to help your children avoid difficulties while receiving STEM education:

Video Tutorials

We've thought of everything to help you become a beginner to Robotics Phyton programming expert. We have shorter attention spans, we read fewer books now. That's why we have prepared a very large video tutorial series for you. This video tutorial series has content for every level, from robotic components to complex projects. So come on then, dive into this endless world now! :)

Youtube Robotic Coding Tutorials
Check Video Tutorial Library


We offer you 3 e-books together with our kit.

Project Book

Our book with the projects we have developed for you to learn with fun while taking your first steps towards becoming an IoT expert.


Our book on how to use BricksIDE, our block based coding program

Teacher Book

Our instructor-written book with activities and tips for teachers who want their students to become experts.

Easy coding for kids with PicoBricks' IDE

Coding can be a challenge, especially for kids. That's why PicoBricks comes with its own IDE, making coding toys for kids more accessible. Beginners can dive into block coding with platforms like scratch and microblocks. As they drag and drop, they'll not only understand the algorithm's logic but also get a glimpse of Python codes, making the journey of learn python for kids smooth and enjoyable.

For those more acquainted with programming, the Thonny IDE and Arduino IDE are excellent platforms. Thonny, a user-friendly Python IDE, and Arduino IDE, primarily designed for Arduino but compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico, ensure a seamless coding experience.

Project Library

For those who want to continue the learning process after completing our first 25 beginner-level projects, our robotic projects page, where we offer dozens of different projects in categories such as IoT, Smart Home, Game projects, is constantly updated and new ideas are added. 

In conclusion, if you're on the hunt for the perfect coding toys for kids or pondering the best way to introduce raspberry pi for kids, look no further than PicoBricks. It's the ultimate gateway to understanding the myriad benefits of STEM education and the world of programming. Join the future; choose PicoBricks.


Check Our Projects

Suitable All Ages

Since our kits may contain small parts, they are suitable for kindergartenpreschool and middle school students and adults who want to start robotic coding, except for children under 3 years old. All our products are developed and produced under the control of our trainers.

Picobricks Brand Differences

In the world of robotics education kits, Picobricks has carved out a unique niche for itself. This kit not only imparts technical knowledge but also nurtures the creativity of children. Compared to other robotic education kits, Picobricks offers a multifaceted learning experience for students, thanks to its modular design, customizability, and educational content. In this guide, we will delve deep into the standout features of Picobricks, its advantages, and how it stacks up against other kits.

Picobricks Model Diffrences

Picobricks' STEM education kits help children develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills while also keeping pace with technological advancements. However, deciding which kit is best suited for you or your child can be challenging. That's where our comparison guide comes in handy. You can check it out to select the kit with the modules that best fit your needs.

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