PicoBricks Pi Pico W Main Board: Meet Robotic Coding

PicoBricks Pi Pico W Main Board: Meet Robotic Coding

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Bernd W. Dethof

Unterhaltungswert sehr gut

William Hughes
Excellent Educational Product

This is a quality product which offers the opportunity to develop an understanding of how different sensors work as well as providing the opportunity to develop a range of coding skill which can be utilised to develop a problem solving approach to programming.

Stony Smith
Extremely Impressed!!!!

I've worked with dozens of such systems for over 50 years.. PicoBricks far surpasses any system I've worked with.
The only nit that I have is that i have yet to find the picobricks.py documentation, and sample python code seems a bit sparse. "Use the force-read the source" would be tough for a new student. It needs downloadable, full python examples to be readily available. I bought this so my grandson could learn python and make things go blinky-blinly. I can help him, I just wish the online examples were a price point. It'd help a lot if full examples were on github.

Still freaked out/impressed how rich the hardware is for the pricepoint.. I'll be buying more past these first two.

PicoBricks Main Board is the right starting point for those who are considering meeting robotic coding. Developed for those who own the programmable mini computer Raspberry Pi Pico, this Raspberry Pi Pico W Kit includes 11 built-in modules used in robotic projects. This allows you to quickly grasp the use of the basic modules.

Moreover, we soldering these 11 components for you. In this way, while you will improve your basic robotic coding skills, you will also get rid of the cable mess and avoid extra costs such as a soldering machine

Raspberry Pi Pico W

Raspberry Pi Pico W Starter Kit with Block Based Program

To support your learning adventure with this board, we have developed BricksIDE, a block based coding program that works with drag-and-drop logic, where you can program without requiring coding knowledge.

Additionally, since our kits are powered by Raspberry Pi, they can work with all popular IDEs. In this way, you can learn Arduino C or MicroPhyton by purchasing a single product. Such as Microblocks, ThonnyPython, Arduino C, especially BricksIDE. We explain how you can code our projects on these platforms, don't worry.

Bricks IDE Logo Thonny Python Logo Arduino IDE Logo MicroPython Logo MicroBlock Logo Circuit Python Logo

Project Library

Our expert teachers who developed PicoBricks say that the best way to learn is through activities and projects. That's why every week we create new projects for you. we have prepared a very large library of projects. What's included? You can make your own pet feeder, build your own weather station. Or you can start with lighting LEDs :)

Pico W Projects
Check Our Project Page

Coding E-Book

We have prepared 3 e-books to make your learning experience with BricksIDE permanent:

You will find dozens of different projects that can be done with Picobrick in our Project Book and Teacher's Book. You will better understand the use of BricksIDE with our IDE book.

Project Book

Our book with the projects we have developed for you to learn with fun while taking your first steps towards becoming an IoT expert.


Our book on how to use BricksIDE, our block based coding program

Teacher Book

Our instructor-written book with activities and tips for teachers who want their students to become experts.

Education with Video

Our reading time has shortened. We like to watch more videos. That's why we have prepared video training series alongside books in our Raspberry Pi Pico W kit.

Check Video Tutorial Library

PicoBricks: Reinventing the Wheel in DIY Electronics

Portability: Complex Cables and Components on One Board

One of the most remarkable features of our product is its portability. This allows you to carry dozens of components on a thin board without the need for extra cables. You can throw it in your bag and take it to school, library or park.

All in One Mainboard

Learn Robotic Modules
PicoBricks Motor Driver Raspberry Pi Pico W
OLED Screen Protoboard E-Book
RGB Led Easy Connector Quick Start Guide
Button Terminal LDR
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Header Base Plate
Relay IoT Board Infrared sensor 
Potentiometer Simulator Buzzer

Why Consider PicoBricks without Raspberry Pi Pico?

The non Raspbbery Pi Pico W version of PicoBricks presents a slew of benefits:

    • Affordability: Achieve impressive results without denting your budget.
    • Enhanced Experience: If you're a seasoned creator, this version elevates your project journey, allowing a focus on design, coding, and creative processes.

Thinking of the Next Generation

In a world where technology is becoming increasingly accessible to younger audiences, safety becomes paramount. PicoBricks is not only crafted using RoHS compliant materials, ensuring it's lead-free, but it's also child-safe. This commitment to safety positions PicoBricks as an invaluable tool for STEM education, paving the way for the next generation of tech enthusiasts.

Connectivity Options with Raspberry Pi Pico Wireless

Picobricks mainboard has thought of everything. Unlike other kits, it supports all kinds of connections.

      • WiFi Modüle: Seamless communication between devices with integrated wifi.
      • Micro USB: To connect to your computer or phone via cable.
      • Protoboard: If you want to install additional components, just connect them to the protoboard.

Don't worry, we explain how to do all this on our projects page and in our e books.

Comprehensive Support: Guiding Every Step of the Way

Embarking on a DIY electronics journey can be daunting. Recognizing this, PicoBricks offers exhaustive documentation, user guidance, and module-specific advice. From beginner-friendly project books to in-depth tutorials, every user finds a helping hand.

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