PicoBricks IoT Expert Kit: Start Built Iot Projects

PicoBricks IoT Expert Kit: Start Built Iot Projects

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Lily Thompson
this internet of things kit opened up a new world for us

Got this kit for the classroom, and it's been amazing to see the students so engaged... we did have to spend some time getting familiar with all the components, but it was well worth it.

Lucas James
discovering the best platform to learn iot was a game changer for me

raspberry pi and this iot kit have turned my hobby into a passion... the platform is by far the best to learn on. A bit more documentation on troubleshooting would make it perfect.

Isabella Richardson
tech education made simple with this amazing iot kit

The iot kit for beginners is exactly what our school needed... it sparks so much creativity. Just make sure to have a good WiFi connection, had a few hiccups there.

Noah Ross
this starter kit is everything a beginner needs and more

development with this kit has been straightforward and rewarding... it's the perfect introduction to iot. The software could use a bit more user-friendly updates, but it's a minor quibble.

Mia Foster
never thought I'd get the hang of raspberry pi... i was wrong

exploring the internet of things with this kit has been an incredible journey... everything you need to get started is included. Just a heads up, some projects require additional purchases.

Best IoT Starter Project Kit that we have developed for those who have beginner level knowledge and kids about robotic projects and modules to start developing projects with modules that can communicate with each other, we offer 11 different modules and 17 different add-ons together with the Mainboard where Raspberry Pi Pico is connected to each other without soldering. These add ons allow you to build concrete projects like smart greenhouse project

pico modules

All In One Raspberry Pi IoT Kit

IoT summary stands for "Internet of Things." It refers to the ability of physical objects (such as devices, vehicles, and home appliances) to communicate with each other or with humans over the internet. This enables these objects to collect data, share information, and be remotely controlled, facilitating enhanced data gathering, analysis, and smarter decision making.

Our IoT expert kit, meticulously developed by our R&D team for adults and teachers who want to provide Internet of Things education to their children, which is seen as the technology of the future, includes the following to guide children and beginners:

Learn Robotic Modules
PicoBricks Motor Driver Raspberry Pi Pico W
OLED Screen Protoboard E-Book
RGB Led Easy Connector Quick Start Guide
Button Terminal Wooden Stand
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Header Base Plate
Relay IoT Board Infrared sensor
Potentiometer Simulator Battery Holder
LDR Battery Input USB Cable
Buzzer Detachable Mini Breadboard
Connecting Cables Base Plate Jumper Cables
Smart Green House Kit

This kit Include Smart Green Hose

Smart Green House
Smart Green House Kit

Why shouldn't your child solve the food problem of our time?

Project Library

For those who want more after completing our starter projects, we have a large library of projects on our site. You have unlimited access to this library where we explain the construction of projects step by step.

Check IoT Project Library

Video Tutorials

In this era of rapidly advancing technology and innovation, learning robotic coding has become much easier! With our visually and auditorily accessible resources, designed for everyone to understand, you can enhance your coding skills. By watching our project-making videos, you can learn the nuances of robotic coding step by step, and with our simply prepared educational videos, you can further develop your skills. Our detailed tutorials on our YouTube channel will take you step by step into this exciting world!

Youtube Robotic Coding Tutorials
Check Video Tutorial Library

Best Platform to Learn IoT: BricksIDE

We offer BricksIDE, our block based programming application that allows you to easily learn the Python language, which enables objects to communicate with each other, even if you have no knowledge, free of charge with our product.


There are 3 e-books included with the kit. These are IDEBook, Project Book and Teacher Book.

Project Book

Our book with the projects we have developed for you to learn with fun while taking your first steps towards becoming an IoT expert.


Our book on how to use BricksIDE, our block based coding program

Teacher Book

Our instructor-written book with activities and tips for teachers who want their students to become experts.

Integrated with Popular Coding Programs

Our Raspberry Pi powered products can work integrated with popular IDEs such as Microblocks, ThonnyPython, Arduino C, especially BricksIDE. We explain how you can code our projects on these platforms, don't worry.


For which age groups are your products suitable?

As they contain small parts, our products are suitable for all kindergarten, primary, middle and high school age teenager and children, except for children aged 3 and under.

Are your products suitable for STEM education?

Absolutely! PicoBricks is an excellent choice for STEM education. Its intuitive design and versatile components make it perfect for teaching concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Picobricks Brand Diffrences

In the world of robotics education kits, Picobricks has carved out a unique niche for itself. This kit not only imparts technical knowledge but also nurtures the creativity of children. Compared to other robotic education kits, Picobricks offers a multifaceted learning experience for students, thanks to its modular design, customizability, and educational content. In this guide, we will delve deep into the standout features of Picobricks, its advantages, and how it stacks up against other kits.

Picobricks Model Diffrences

Picobricks' STEM education kits help children develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills while also keeping pace with technological advancements. However, deciding which kit is best suited for you or your child can be challenging. That's where our comparison guide comes in handy. You can check it out to select the kit with the modules that best fit your needs.

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