Free STEM KIT: Try PicoBricks 60 Days

We trust our STEM kits, which have received dozens of awards to date. That's why we offer free products for teachers and makers.

Our kits include 11 different robotic modules powered by Rapberry Pi Pico and various add ons. In this way, you can do various STEM activities with children and students in your classroom or at home and start learning robotic coding.

We offer the following 3 features for free with our products:

  • E-Books: We offer our Project, IDEBook and Teacher's Book for free.
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  • BricksIDE: We offer unlimited access to our block-based programming application.

  • Project library: We offer dozens of different, IoT, Smart home and python projects in our constantly updated project library.

By requesting a demo, you can get a demo package to try PicoBricks for 60 days. You can request a demo by filling out the form below. If you are eligible, the product will be sent to your address free of charge.

For inquiries, please send an e-mail to

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