Picobricks STEM Kit Ambassador Program

Hello, STEM Maker!

Anyone who dreams of being involved in a community, enjoys using open source, and is interested in coding, welcome!
PicoBricks is a Raspberry Pi Pico-based development platform for students and makers from 10 to 100 years old. You can materialize your dream project in just 2 minutes with PicoBricks by choosing any of the programming languages, such as MicroBlocks, MicroPython, and C (Arduino), which offer block programming infrastructure.
In the Ambassador program, we target everyone who has an open source culture, is experienced, or wants to gain experience in at least one of the coding platforms, and creates benefits for the community with blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media posts.
 What is the Ambassador Program?
● It is for people interested in the coding, robotics, and maker fields.
● It is for those who develop content for makers and those who love to share it, no matter if they are children or adults.
● You can be a teacher, a parent, an engineer, or a maker. It doesn’t matter.
● Our aim is for you to produce content related to the areas on which we focus on your blog, social media account, or YouTube and continue to produce content an projects on these platforms with PicoBricks.
● All Ambassadors included in the program can contribute to the development processes of products through regular meetings, and they have access to Alpha versions of hardware and software.
● If the Ambassador wishes, they can represent the product in events such as Maker Faire, workshops, and meetups in the countries they are in.
● They can be hosted in the events and organizations we participate in as PicoBricks in their country.
What the Ambassador Program is Not:
● This program is not an affiliate program.
● We do not share any income/commission under the program.
● We do not expect our ambassadors to sell or market our product.
How to Apply for the PicoBricks Ambassador Program:
● You can apply for the embassy Ambassador program by filling out our application form.
● We make and send a PicoBricks Ambassador Kit to our Ambassadors. The set includes 2 PicoBricks, modules for projects, and some gifts.
● Our priority is to bring together people who have an open source culture and who enjoy sharing.
● Links that show your work and shares for the maker community through the form are important for you to be selected for the program.
● For all issues, you can contact us at support@picobricks.com.