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STEM Education with MicroBit

26 Dec 2023
STEM Education with MicroBit

Greetings, as a team of STEM education experts, today in this article I will tell you how STEM education can be provided with MicroBit and the new MicroBit kit work of PicoBricks, an expert in this field. But first, let's briefly talk about what Kickstarter and MicroBit are.

What is MicroBit?

TL;DR: The MicroBit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for teaching coding and computer science to children and beginners. It's easy to use and programmable with various languages, offering a simple and fun introduction to the world of electronics and programming.

The MicroBit is a tiny, programmable microcontroller designed to make learning and teaching computer science and programming accessible and enjoyable for children. Developed by the BBC in 2015, it's part of an educational initiative aimed at inspiring digital creativity and developing skills in computing.

Physically, the MicroBit is a small circuit board equipped with an array of sensors and inputs/outputs. Key features include an LED light display, buttons, and various sensors that can detect motion, temperature, and light. It also has connection pins for attaching other devices or sensors, a built-in compass, accelerometer, and Bluetooth technology for wireless communication.

Programming the MicroBit is straightforward, making it suitable for beginners. It supports several programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and Microsoft Block Editor, a drag-and-drop visual programming language. This versatility allows students to start with simple code and gradually advance to more complex programming concepts.


What is Kickstarter?

TL;DR: Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where creators can present their ideas or projects to the public, and people can financially support these projects in exchange for rewards or experiences.

Kickstarter is a popular online crowdfunding platform, designed to help bring creative projects to life. Founded in 2009, it has become a key resource for independent creators, ranging from filmmakers and musicians to designers and inventors. The core idea of Kickstarter is to provide a space where creators can pitch their project ideas to a wide audience and raise funds to realize them.

Here's how it works: A creator sets up a project on Kickstarter, outlining their idea, the goals they wish to achieve, and the amount of money they need to do so. They also specify a deadline for their fundraising campaign. To entice people to fund their project, creators often offer rewards based on the amount of money pledged, such as early access to the product, exclusive content, or personalized experiences.

People who like the project can pledge money towards it. However, Kickstarter uses an all-or-nothing funding model, meaning that the project must reach its funding goal by the deadline for the creator to receive any money. If the project fails to meet its goal, no funds are exchanged. This model encourages creators to set realistic goals and actively promote their projects while giving backers confidence that their funds will only be used if the project is viable.

Why Important MicroBit with STEM?

Robotik kodlamanın önemi her geçen gün artıyor. Bunun bilincindeki şirketler ve hükümetler eğitim programlarına STEM eğitimini alıyor. Ayrıca çeşitli STEM kitleri ve çipleri üretiliyor.

BBC'de bu amaçla ingiltere hükümeti desteği ile MicroBit'i geliştirdi. Bu akıllı çipin Raspberry Pi'a benzeyen bir çalışma mantığı var fakat artıları çok daha fazla.

Raspberry Pi vs. Micro:Bit

Feature MicroBit Raspberry Pi
User-Friendly Interface Simple, ideal for beginners More complex, suitable for advanced users
Size Pocket-sized, highly portable Larger, less portable
Cost More affordable Relatively more expensive
Programming Languages Block-based coding suitable for young learners Supports more advanced languages
Educational Focus Designed specifically for education General-purpose computing
Built-in Features Includes LEDs, buttons, sensors Requires additional components for similar features
Power Requirements Low power consumption Higher power consumption
Community Support Strong educational community Broad, diverse community

Sektörde yıllardır var olan mühendis ekibimiz bu farkları fark etti ve gelişmiş bir Micro:Bit kitinin çalışmalarına başladı: PicoBricks for Micro:Bit

What is PicoBricks for Micro:Bit?

PicoBricks for Micro:Bit is a Micro:Bit Kit developed by the Picobricks team, experts in producing STEM education kits.

This kit includes dozens of different modules, iot, smart house and agricultural learning add-ons.. 

Micro:Bit PicoBricks
5x5 Matris LED X1 X1
Button X2 X3
Touch Sensor X1 X15
Microphone X1 X1
Speaker X1 X1
Compass X1 X1
Accelerometer X1 X1
OLED Screen X1
Gesture Sensor (APDS9960) X1
PIR Sensor X1
Motor Driver (2 DC and 4 Servo Motor) X1
IR Sensor X1
Wi-Fi Sensor X1
Temperature and Humidity X1
LDR Sensor X1
Potentiometer X1

We are waiting for you to support this amazing kit on Kickstarter. You can click the button below to access our project introduction page.

Check our Kickstarter Page
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