PicoBricks Zero to Hero Kit: All in One Robotic Kit

PicoBricks Zero to Hero Kit: All in One Robotic Kit

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Marvin Lackey
Still working on it

Knowing absolutely nothing about coding or electronics I have always entertained the idea.
Pico Bricks is an awesome beginning place. Good service and quality for the price.
The first few lessons take you step by step through the exercises but after that.... less is explained and to someone who knows nothing that is difficult.
For Instance the robot car.... its great.... but very little info about the controlling app and how to operate it.... and little explanation about the program.....
However, I have learned a lot and I am gratefull

Susan Williams
Accessible Technology

Picobricks are so well-made and reliable. I know I can always count on them to work when I need them to.

Thomas Grass
Intuitive Interface

If you're looking for a great way to get into robotics, you can't go wrong with Picobricks.

Robert Thiel
Efficient Communication

I recently tried out PicoBricks and it has been a great experience so far. The interface is easy to use and the customer service team is always quick to answer my questions. I'm able to organize my projects more efficiently than ever before, and the comment system makes it easy for me to communicate with other users. PicoBricks has definitely helped me get more done!

Gretchen King
Fun Learning

I've been using Picobricks for a while now, and I am constantly impressed by their versatility and reliability

Picobricks Zero to Hero Kit for those who want to learn robotic coding by building advanced robots and developing projects for adults and children.

The kit includes 18 robotic components, robot arm, smart greenhouse kit and voice control car kit, along with a Raspberry Pi powered mainboard that brings 11 modules together no cable and no solder. With all this content, you can both build your own robots and enter the IoT world.

Learn Python and Build Your Own Programmable Robot

The importance of STEM education is increasing day by day. We are surrounded by robots. They cook our meals, carry our belongings, clean our homes and even drive our cars. In this changing world, learning robotic coding and understanding the working principles is very important for our future. Recognizing this, our trainers and engineers developed the all in one Picobricks Zero to Hero Kit for adults and children. With our product, which received half a million dollars of support from Kickstarter, you can build your own smart greenhouse, make your own voice controlled car, and do everything you dream of with the robot arm.

All In One This Best Coding Robot Kit

PicoBricks Motor Driver Raspberry Pi Pico W
OLED Screen Protoboard E-Book
RGB Led Easy Connector Quick Start Guide
Button Terminal Wooden Stand
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Header Base Plate
Relay IoT Board Infrared sensor
Potentiometer Simulator Triple Battery Holder
LDR Battery Input USB Cable
Buzzer Detachable Mini Breadboard
Connecting Cables Base Plate Jumper Cables
Ultrasonic Sensor Servo Motor x2 RC55
Smart Green House Kit
Voice Control Car Kit

Voice Control Robot Car Kit
This kit comes with a Voice Controlled Car that is sure to be your child's favorite toy. Moreover, it can be made DIY and programmed as desired.
Smart Green House Kit
Why shouldn't your child solve the food problem of our time?
Robot Arm
Bring the robot arms we see in movies into your home. And it's very simple to make and program!

We are aware of how difficult and complex the process of coding Python and robotics is. That's why we have prepared a project library, e-books and a block based coding program for you.

Video Tutorials

Together with the kit that takes you from zero to expertise in Robotics Phyton programming, we offer a video library that will facilitate your learning process. In this library, there are videos at every level, from videos explaining robotic components one by one to complex projects where you can start building your own robot. So come on then, dive into this endless world now! :)

Youtube Robotic Coding Tutorials
Check Video Tutorial Library


Together with our education experts and teachers, we have prepared 3 e-books for you:

  1. Project Book: In order to make your learning journey fun with projects, we have collected 25 beginner level projects in this book. We explained how they are made step by step. First we will start with LED lighting. Everything is step by step.
  2. Teacher Book: Our book with tips and activity ideas for teachers who want to do STEM activities in the classroom with the kit.
  3. IDEbook: A step-by-step guide on how to use BricksIDE, which allows you to learn block based coding.
Project Book
Our book with the projects we have developed for you to learn with fun while taking your first steps towards becoming an IoT expert.
Our book on how to use BricksIDE, our block based coding program
Teacher Book
Our instructor-written book with activities and tips for teachers who want their students to become experts.

Block Based Coding IDE: Bricks IDE

Block-based coding are programs that allow you to easily understand how algorithms work without Python knowledge and thus allow you to code. As Picobricks, we have prepared one of the most advanced IDEs for you.

There are different solutions for different levels in our IDE. For example Our PicoJR IDE is suitable for kindergarten students while Pcoblockly is suitable for all users.

And of course, since we are powered by Raspberry Pi, our kits are compatible with popular IDEs.

Project Library

After the 25 projects we developed for beginners, our adventure will continue in Project Library so that you can become a robotic coding expert. On our constantly updated projects page on our site, you will find many projects from games you can make with Picobricks to smart home systems. We are also preparing special STEM activities for Christmas, New Year, summer vacation, etc. for you to have a nice holiday.

Check Project Library

Picobricks Brand Diffrences

In the world of robotics education kits, Picobricks has carved out a unique niche for itself. This kit not only imparts technical knowledge but also nurtures the creativity of children. Compared to other robotic education kits, Picobricks offers a multifaceted learning experience for students, thanks to its modular design, customizability, and educational content. In this guide, we will delve deep into the standout features of Picobricks, its advantages, and how it stacks up against other kits.

Picobricks Model Diffrences

Picobricks' STEM education kits help children develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills while also keeping pace with technological advancements. However, deciding which kit is best suited for you or your child can be challenging. That's where our comparison guide comes in handy. You can check it out to select the kit with the modules that best fit your needs.


For which age groups is Picobricks Zero to Hero suitable?

Suitable for all age groups except for children under 3 years old as it contains small parts. Suitable for all schools, especially middle and high schools.

Which IDEs can I use Picobricks with?

You can program Picobricks with BricksIDE, ThonnyPhyton, ArduinoIDE, Microblocks and Phyton Circuit.

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