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Best STEM Engineering Toys for Kids

28 Dec 2023
Best STEM Engineering Toys for Kids

Yes, young engineer candidates and the mother or father of a young engineer candidate, this article is for you. Welcome to the best engineering toys for kids you can buy for yourself or your child. In this article, we will share with you the 5 best toys that we have reviewed and liked. So let's get started!

First of all, let's answer these questions about what an engineering toy is and what features it should have. Because this is the only way to determine whether the product you choose has these features or not, right?

What is STEM Engineering Toys for Kids

STEM engineering toys for kids are educational tools that combine fun with learning, focusing on the core areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

If you dream of becoming an engineer, you should develop yourself in many areas that require analytical thinking, especially in math, science and technology. I think it would not be wrong to say that this is a must.

Because engineers are both knowledgeable in many subjects and can make quick decisions in the face of problems.

So the product you are looking for should both teach you new things and allow you to solve problems. What do you think about exploring this topic in more depth?

For more information: What is STEM Toys?

What are the characteristics of a good STEM Engineering Toys for Kids?

Imagine being a mini engineer with the coolest toys ever! Here's what makes STEM Engineering toys super awesome:

  1. Build, Crash, Rebuild! – The best STEM toys let you build cool stuff, like robots, cars, or even mini-cities! If they crash, no biggie – just rebuild them. It's like being a superhero of building!

  2. Gadget Wizardry: Some of these toys come with cool gadgets and tech. Think remote controls, simple computers, or even little robots that follow your commands. Abracadabra!

  3. Puzzle Power! – These toys are like a treasure hunt. They make you think and solve puzzles. Every time you figure something out, you feel like a genius!

  4. Mission to Mars? No Problem! – Good STEM toys take you on adventures. You could be building a rocket to Mars, a bridge over a lava river, or a secret robot base. Your imagination is the limit!

  5. Super Spy Gadgets: Some toys are sneaky and teach you coding. You might be programming a robot or a game without even knowing it. It's like being a tech-spy!

  6. Teamwork Triumphs: The coolest STEM toys are more fun with friends. Build a mega fortress together or a race car and see whose design wins!

  7. Age is Just a Number: Whether you're 5 or 15, there's a perfect STEM toy for you. They grow with you, getting more challenging and exciting as you become a STEM superstar.

  8. No Boys or Girls Section: The best thing? These toys don’t care if you're a boy or girl. They're for everyone who loves to create, explore, and learn.

  9. Earth to Kids – We Care! – Eco-friendly is the way to go. Many STEM toys are made with safe, sustainable materials. Good for you and the planet!

  10. Future Genius Alert!: Playing with these toys is like a secret training for being a future genius. Engineers, scientists, tech wizards – start here!

So, future mini-engineers, ready to dive into the world of super-cool STEM toys? Let's build, explore, and create – the future is yours!

5 Best Engineering STEM Toys

Now it's time to answer that great question. Here are the products we recommend:

  1. Pico IoT Expert Kit
  2. PYXEL
  3. Trainbots: 2-In-1 Steam Maker Kit
  4. PlayShifu Plugo Coding
  5. Goliath Boomtrix

Let's examine these products one by one.

Picobricks IoT Expert Kit

Yes, I know this is our product. But it is really a very comprehensive product worth mentioning in this category. Now let's examine this product according to the items we shared above.

First of all, it is a versatile product. It contains dozens of different robotic components and you are free to do whatever you want with these parts. For example, why not build your own robot? Moreover, you can break and rebuild it over and over again.

We also send you a smart greenhouse plugin with the kit. With this add-on, you can make your own smart greenhouse. It allows you to make a product that is both educational and useful for yourself.

Apart from these, we offer a very large project library and educational content. In this way, we are your biggest supporter in your steps towards engineering.

Check our project library

And last but not least, I have to mention that it is definitely a very environmentally friendly product. The plastics we use are completely recyclable. Our smart greenhouse add-on is completely made of wood.

With this kit you can learn how to build robots, code python, make basic computer games, smart agriculture and much more. Buy it and dive into the world of engineering!

Buy: In Our Website - On Amazon


I've loved this sweet little toy since the first time I saw it.

Its shape like a cute dog reminded me again that robots will never be our enemies.

Not only does this little product look so cute, it's also very smart.

It has a mobile app where you can learn coding on your own and you can program your little dog from this app. You can make it bark or protect your home.

Your choice. :)

Buy: On Amazon

Trainbots: 2-In-1 Steam Maker Kit

Modern engineering began with the invention of the steam engine.

The invention of the steam engine led to the invention of trains. Humanity, which traveled with horse-drawn carriages until the invention of trains, started to be able to travel very fast after the invention of trains and to take tons of products from one place to another.

I am sure you will want to witness the birth of this modern engineering.

This train set includes puzzles to support your STEM engineering education. It allows you to build your own train.

I think it's a good choice. :)

Buy: On Walmart

PlayShifu Plugo Coding

Do you have a child who spends a lot of time in front of a tablet or phone? This product might be for you.

The difference with this toy is that it needs to be connected to a tablet or phone to work.

So if you have a child who is addicted to a tablet, at least they can spend time with it in a more educational activity.

The toy comes with a series of stones. Each of these stones represents a characteristic. For example, one stone represents turning to the right, one stone represents jumping, one stone represents running.

You install STEM games on your tablet that you can play using these stones and your child starts to learn STEM without realizing it while having fun.

Buy: On Amazon

Goliath Boomtrix

The difference between this product and others is that it allows for team play.

Of course, you can also play games with your friends with Picobricks kits, but this product seems to focus entirely on that.

Frankly, it seems to be more for boys.

You try to reach the finish line by bouncing balls on a platform of your own making. In this way, you develop your hand and motor skills as well as your analysis and engineering skills.

I can recommend it for families with more than one child.

Buy: On Amazon

I hope you find one of these STEM engineering toys useful. Each one appeals to different age groups and different audiences. It is up to you to choose the one you need.

Feel free to contact us at any time and ask any questions you may have.

Take care of yourselves. 

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