Programmable Ferris Wheel

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Yes, you read that right... This Ferris wheel is a coding toy suitable for STEM activities where children can develop their coding and robotics skills.

Moreover, thanks to its wooden structure, it can be recycled and children can paint it in the colors they want.
After building the own Ferris Wheel, upload the necessary codes to BricksIDE or write your own codes. You can either adjust the rotation speed or determine which direction it will rotate. It's up to you and your child.

DIY STEM Coding Kit

This toy comes out of the box with wooden parts and a programmable mini computer Raspberry Pi. This makes it a DIY toy.

Your child or student will develop their motor skills while building their own toy and make their own Ferris wheel at home.

No Soldering or Wiring Required

The Ferris Wheel is solderless and largely cable free. In this way, you do not need to buy a soldering machine and it also saves you from cable mess.

Coding Toys... What does it mean?

Coding toys in summary programmable toys. These types of products allow your child or student to gain basic knowledge in a fun way while stepping into the world of programming. It also develops their sense of curiosity.

To help beginners, we offer an e-book specially written for the project, BricksIDE, a block-based coding program that facilitates programming, free of charge. In this way, we facilitate children in this learning process.


PicoBricks IDE provides a versatile coding platform suitable for users of all skill levels. It caters to beginners with PicoJr, offers a block-based coding environment with PicoBlockly for intermediate learners, and allows advanced users to work with text-based programming using PicoPy. This versatility ensures that students can progress at their own pace, starting with the basics and gradually advancing to more complex coding concepts. PicoSimulator is an invaluable addition to the PicoBricks IDE, serving as a powerful educational tool. This feature opens up a world of possibilities for users, enabling them to immerse themselves in the realm of robotics and coding without the necessity of physical hardware.


The e-book provided with the product guides you in building your own Ferris wheel.
All construction stages and necessary codes are shared with you step by step in the e-book.


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