Best Raspberry Pi STEM Robotics Kit

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Learning Python Robotic Coding

PicoBricks Is A Fantastic Robotic Project Development Kit For STEM Educators And Makers Of All Levels. No Soldering And Wiring. There Is Unlimited Creativity!


PicoBricks Pi Pico W Main Board: Meet Robotic Coding


PicoBricks Base Kit: Robotics Project Starter Kit


PicoBricks IoT Expert Kit: Start Built Iot Projects


PicoBricks Zero to Hero Kit: All in One Robotic Kit


Classroom Kit: STEM Robotics Kits For Schools


STEM Coding Toys

SolarX: DIY STEM Solar Powered Robot


REX Evolution 8in1 Robotic Kit For Adults Coding Robot Kit


Programmable Ferris Wheel


SafeBox Project- Explore Wooden Design with Modern Encryption PicoBricks STEM Add On


Smart Rover Bot


What is PicoBricks?

PicoBricks is a Raspberry Pi Pico based electronic development board and software designed to speed up the process of learning robotic programming and make maker projects easy, ideal for building robot applications and Raspberry Pi robotics projects. It is programmable and perfect for STEM learning, offering block based coding capabilities. There are 12 removable modules on PicoBricks, making it a versatile and adaptable tool. This makes it a tool with unlimited possibilities for your projects, especially when integrated with Python programming.

User Reviews

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This is a great set for anyone just starting out learning to program. The kid comes with everything you need, there's even a tiny screen.

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Marc A.

This is definitely a starter kit, but it's a good place to begin if you want to learn how to program a Raspberry Pi Pico. The board itself has a lot of potential, as there are a lot of output connections!

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E. P.

The kit is clearly tailored for STEM classes, and it's packaged as a complete solution.

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This set comes with everything that you can think of to learn coding and gives you so many different accessories to experiment with!


Luna Moth Wilkins

I do not know who is having more fun. Me or my 13 year old. There are a lot of options and designs you can do!


Marko B.

Just bought one, excited to see what me and the kiddos can put together. Thanks!

The Ultimate STEM Robotics Coding Kits For Kids

Learn Python with Block Based Programming

PicoBrics IDE brings the excitement of robotics into classrooms and homes with its user-friendly block based programming language. Perfect for beginners, schools, and teachers, this innovative platform transforms the challenge of learning code into a playful experience with coding with blocks. Aimed at nurturing the young minds of kids, PicoBrics makes Raspberry Pi robotic projects more accessible and engaging. Dive into the world of robotics with our easy-to use robotic kits and foster STEM skills in a creative and interactive way. 


Easy Portable

PicoBricks is easy to take with you thanks to its small size and cloth carrying case. The lack of tangled cables makes it easy to use anywhere.

Safe for Children

PicoBricks is easy to take with you thanks to its small size and cloth carrying case. The lack of tangled cables makes it easy to use anywhere.

Wireless Control

PicoBricks is easy to take with you thanks to its small size and cloth carrying case. The lack of tangled cables makes it easy to use anywhere.

No More Errors

PicoBricks is easy to take with you thanks to its small size and cloth carrying case. The lack of tangled cables makes it easy to use anywhere.

Easy Connection

Micro USB, Battery Input, Extra sensor, motor etc. connection headers, RGB LED Connection, Protoboard, DC motor and relay connection terminals, Servo motor connections, Easy Connector, Bluetooth connection connector.


PicoBricks can be separated into modules for your more advanced projects. But don't worry, once you've separated the modules, you can put them back together again on the base plate.

Project Guide

LIGHT-UP BOW TIE PROJECT! \ Personalized Father's Day Gifts

LIGHT-UP BOW TIE PROJECT! \ Personalized Father's Day Gifts

Today, we’ll show you how to turn an ordinary accessory into something dazzling and eye-catching! With our light up bow tie project, you’ll achieve a stylish look while enjoying the integration of technology into your daily life. This fun and creative project will help you stand out not just on special occasions, but in everyday life as well. Ready? Let's dive into the step-by-step process of making your own bow tie together!

Make DIY Smart Flower Plant Pot

Make DIY Smart Flower Plant Pot

We are people who work intensely or go to school every day. We can sometimes forget to water our beloved orchids on time.  That's why I decided to develop this project. In this project, I will show you step by step how to make our IoT supported, smart plant pot using the Raspberry Pi kit PicoBricks. Let's get started.

DIY Cat & Dog Feeder Using Raspberry Pi

DIY Cat & Dog Feeder Using Raspberry Pi

Greetings, animal lovers, today we are going to make an automatic pet feeder using the Raspberry Pi kit PicoBricks. We have shared the necessary 3D printing files and Python codes in the article. Let's get started then.

Step by Step Hommade Make Mouse Jiggler

Step by Step Hommade Make Mouse Jiggler

Ever found yourself needing to keep your computer awake but didn't want to resort to the same old software solutions? Well, dear reader, let me take you on a journey through the creation of a hardware-based, homemade mouse jiggler using the versatile Picobricks kit. It's a tale of ingenuity, fun, and a bit of DIY magic!

Moving Tail Project

Moving Tail Project

In this project, a servo motor works its magic to create a movement that resembles a tail. You are free to add this intriguing motion to any figurine of an animal you like; we went with a mouse, but the possibilities are endless!

New Year STEM Activities

New Year STEM Activities

As the New Year approaches, doing new year STEM activities in the classroom seems like a great idea. In this article, we have collected activity ideas that you can do with your friends and students. Enjoyable reading.

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Integrated Development Platforms

Best Coding Book for Beginners

Picobricks, the Raspberry Pi-powered STEM robotics kit, comes with three complimentary e-books, each tailored to enhance your coding journey.
The Teacher Book is the best book to learn coding strategies for educators, perfect for those looking to teach Picobricks activities in the classroom.
The Project Book details various projects you can build with the kit, ideal for beginners and anyone eager to learn how to code. Lastly, the
IDE Book offers a comprehensive guide to the BricksIDE, a block-based programming environment designed for children's education and those seeking a good foundation in robotics coding

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