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PicoBricks Voice Controlled Car Set is a Feast of Technology!

Stretch your imagination and think, how can you steer a car using your voice? This is exactly what the PicoBricks Voice Controlled Car Add-on brings to you. This add-on opens the door to turning technology into a fun adventure.

The Magical World of Sound: This unique add-on from PicoBricks brings you the fun of steering a vehicle using voice commands. Now you can steer your game using only your voice. Just like a magician!

Have Fun While Learning: Education and fun in one! This add-on offers both an educational and fun experience. Kids and teens explore voice technologies while improving their coding skills. Learning has never been so engaging with fun projects and games.

Ease of Installation: Compatible with PicoBricks, this plugin is a breeze to install. No complicated connections or soldering required. Everything is ready to start a project quickly.

Suitable for All Ages and Ability Levels: The Voice Controlled Car is designed to suit the age and ability level of your children. It is suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced. This allows them to progress at their own pace as they step into the world of technology.

Unleash Your Creativity: With this plugin, only the sky is the limit to create your own voice control projects. You can design your own games, organize contests or develop projects that will make your daily life easier. Enjoy using technology in an active way!

PicoBricks Voice Controlled Car Plugin will further stimulate your kids' interest in technology and help them develop their coding skills in a fun way. It allows them to step into the world of programming in a simple way, without dealing with complex connections. Enjoy educational experiences and creativity and help your kids be better prepared for the future!

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