PicoBricks RGB Led WS2812 Module

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WS2812 is an intelligent LED light source with a control circuit and RGB chip integrated into a 5050 component package. This technological product offers an excellent solution for various applications by combining advantages such as high brightness, low power consumption, and a wide color range. WS2812 includes an intelligent digital port data latch, signal reshaping amplification drive circuit, internal oscillator, and a programmable constant current control part up to 12V. These features ensure high consistency and reliability of pixel point light color.

Among its applications are full-color modules, full-color soft lamps, lamp strips, LED decorative lighting, and irregular indoor/outdoor LED video displays. WS2812 is designed to meet your environmental monitoring needs with its features and performance.

The advantages of WS2812 include low driving voltage, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, wide scattering angle, low power consumption, and long-lasting use. Additionally, the integrated control chip on the LED simplifies circuit design, reduces volume, and facilitates installation.

The data transfer protocol uses a single NZR communication mode. After the pixel power-on reset, the DIN port receives data from the controller. The first pixel collects the initial 24-bit data, which is then sent to the internal data latch. The reshaped signal is sent to the next cascade pixel through the DO port. The pixel adopts auto-reshaping transmit technology, allowing a limitless cascade number depending only on the speed of signal transmission.

Each pixel can achieve 256 brightness levels for the three primary colors, resulting in a full-color display of 16,777,216 colors. The scan frequency is not less than 400Hz/s. The cascading port transmits the signal through a single line, and the distance between any two points can exceed 5 meters without the need for additional circuitry. With a refresh rate of 30fps, the low-speed model can sustain a cascade number of not less than 512 points, while the high-speed mode can sustain not less than 1024 points. WS2812 can send data at speeds of 800Kbps, providing a highly consistent and cost-effective display of light colors. The control circuit and RGB chip integrated into the 5050 component package enable complete control of pixel points. The built-in signal reshaping circuit ensures that wave-form distortion does not accumulate. Additionally, electric reset and power loss reset circuits are available.  

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