PicoBricks Relay Module

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The HF46F Relay plays a crucial role in electrical switching and is specifically designed to be compatible with integrated circuits like the Picobricks Board and similar counterparts. This relay offers input terminals for single or multiple control signals along with operating contact terminals, providing versatility with various contact forms to adapt to different switching scenarios.

In application, the HF46F Relay is used where there's a need to control a circuit with low-power signals or to manage multiple circuits with a single signal. Originally utilized as signal repeaters in long-distance telegraph circuits, relays rejuvenate and strengthen signals, making them ideal for logical operations within integrated circuits.

Key Features of HF46F Relay:

  • 5A Switching Capacity: Offers a broad range of applications within integrated circuits like the Picobricks Board.
  • 10kV Impulse Withstand Voltage (Between Coil and Contacts): Ensures reliability and durability at high standards.
  • Compliance with VDE 0631 Reinforced Insulation Standard: Provides high-level isolation and safety.
  • Highly Efficient Magnetic Circuit for High Sensitivity: Optimized performance with minimal power consumption (only 200mW).
  • Compact Design: Occupies minimal space within integrated circuits like the Picobricks Board.

The HF46F Relay is specifically engineered for compatibility with integrated circuits, especially tailored for optimal performance with the Picobricks Board and similar compact integrated circuits. These features allow for reliable, precise, and integrated-circuit-compatible switching in your projects.

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