PicoBricks Potentiometer Module

Subtotal: $4.99

Specifically designed for Picobricks Board and similar integrated circuits, this potentiometer stands as an ideal choice to meet your value adjustment needs. This potentiometer, with its three terminals, functions as a manually adjustable variable resistor. Two of its terminals are connected to the opposite ends of a resistive element, while the third terminal is linked to an adjustable wiper, allowing for flexible adjustments.

This potentiometer seamlessly integrates with Picobricks, making it suitable for a wide array of applications. It operates across a broad spectrum, ranging from audio volume control to light modulation. Commonly known as a single-turn rotary potentiometer, it excels especially in audio volume control (logarithmic taper).

Manufactured using various materials like carbon comp, cermet, wirewound, conductive plastic, or metal film, this potentiometer offers diversity to suit different application requirements.

Its compatibility with integrated circuits and easy integration with the Picobricks Board provide flexibility and performance in your projects. This potentiometer operates flawlessly within the Picobricks environment, providing a reliable solution for your value adjustment needs.

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