5mm Quality LDR Sensor

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Light Sensitive Resistor (LDR) is a type of sensor widely used in electronic circuits, playing a significant role in various applications for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. Essentially, the working principle of these sensors involves a semiconductor material sensitive to changes in the amount of light falling on it, known as cadmium sulfide (Cds). LDRs are commonly used in lighting control systems and automatic light adjustments as they sensitively respond to changes in light intensity. They find applications in a range of areas, from home automation systems to security systems. Additionally, LDRs are known for their cost-effectiveness and low energy consumption. LDR operates on the principle of the photoelectric effect. This involves light falling on the semiconductor material, releasing electrons by altering their energy levels. These released electrons move to the conductive region, leading to a decrease in resistance. This fundamental principle makes LDR adaptable for various environments and applications.

Arduino LDR Sensor

Fully compatible with Arduino, our 5mm LDR sensor allows you to make a wide variety of projects. For example, you can make the arduino night light project with this module.

Raspberry Pi LDR Sensor

One of the best things about our product is that it is a sensor that can be integrated not only with Arduino but also with Raspberry Pi. In this way, you can use the LDR sensor in multiple kits by purchasing a single module.

Circuit Diagram

For Example LDR module project:

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