Active Buzzer Module For Arduino & Raspberry Pi

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Active Buzzer Module can be integrated into digital outputs to produce basic tones or a variety of tones and effects with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. This versatile module adds an audible dimension to your projects, allowing you to convey announcements in an impressive way. Quick integration and user-friendly operation accelerate the design process, addressing your sound needs promptly. Additionally, this module is specially designed to be compatible with Picobricks products and can be easily integrated with a connection cable.

Connected to digital outputs, it can produce basic tones, and when using analog pulse-width modulation output, it enables more complex sound effects. This feature provides users with a wide range of sound options, allowing them to diversify their projects. The Buzzer Module finds applications across various fields, from communication devices to automotive electronics, alarm circuits to portable devices, demonstrating successful use in a broad spectrum, including security systems and household appliances.

This Buzzer Module is exclusively designed for compatibility with the Picobricks product family. This ensures seamless operation with Picobricks products, facilitating the enhancement of your projects. Moreover, its specially designed connection cable enables easy integration.

Shape your sound and add dynamic audio to your projects with the Buzzer Module. Its flexible connection options, compact design, energy efficiency, and Picobricks compatibility make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Make your sound heard in projects and experience the advantages of seamless integration with Picobricks!

Suitable Raspberry Pi

Komponentimiz aktif bir buzzer'dır ve Raspbery Pi ile tam entegre çalışabilir. 

Bir çok Raspberry Pi projesinde kullanılabilir. Örnek bir buzzer Projesini aşağıdaki videomuzda bulabilirsiniz.

Raspberry Pi Buzzer Circuit Diagram

Learn More About Active Buzzer

Active Buzzer Arduino

Ürünümüzün en iyi yanlarından biri de Arduino ile de tam entegre çalışabilmesidir.

Arduino ile yapılan ve ses ile çalışan tüm projelerinizde sorunsuz kullanabileceğiniz ürünümüzü hemen satın alın! 

Arduino Buzzer Circuit Diagram

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