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Our bulk STEM Solutions

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Robotic Kits

We are developing Picobricks Maker Board that can be used for educational purposes. These boards can be coded with phyton and used for robotic projects.

Block Pogramming IDE

Students, beginners and children can learn phyton and develop their own robot toys with our self developed IDE on a block-based basis, without requiring coding knowledge.



By coding the Add-Ons we have developed with Picobricks Maker Boards, you can do STEM activities and stimulate students' curiosity in Science and Technology.

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For Kids, Beginners And Classrooms

Our products are suitable for beginners, children, classrooms, kindergartens, elementary school, middle school students.

What is Picobricks?

Picobricks is a manufacturer and supplier of Raspberry Pi Pico based STEM products. It was established under the umbrella of Robotistan INC and produces technological products for children's education with a large R&D team. The products it has produced so far have won dozens of awards in many countries.


Integrated Devolopment Platforms

with Picobricks STEM Robotics Kits


A large and constantly updated project library


Access to IDE where you can program without coding knowledge


Carefully prepared e-books for teachers and students


Smooth cooperation

Our Wholesale STEM Products

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Picobricks Base Kit

The Base Kit is designed for those interested in STEM robotics but who do not want to pay a high price for it. It includes all the basic modules and, of course, can be programmed as desired with block coding.

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Robotistan Guaranteed

Robotistan, the creator of PicoBricks for Micro:Bit, has established itself in the technology world with its innovative construction kits and PCB production for over a decade. During this time, his main motivation has been to constantly deliver innovations, research and projects to the global maker community. Continuously evolving through its R&D department, Robotistan works with the aim of creating products that inspire technology enthusiasts, sharing technical knowledge and making the world a more livable place with new ideas.We successfully funded one of our previous projects, PicoBricks' training kit with Raspberry Pi W, and reached our goal within 24 hours. We developed our product by collecting a total of $220,697 with 2,171 supporters, and yes, PicoBricks received great appreciation from our users. In addition, our product received the if design award, one of the most prestigious awards.


What our customers says


This set comes with everything that you can think of to learn coding and gives you so many different accessories to experiment with!

Luna Moth Wilkins

I do not know who is having more fun. Me or my 13 year old. There are a lot of options and designs you can do!

E. P.

The kit is clearly tailored for STEM classes, and it's packaged as a complete solution.

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