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This is Your Story…

If you are interested in robotic programming, let’s review the story below about Matthew…

Let’s see if it sounds familiar to you!

Matthew is interested in electronics and wants to try some robotic coding. He is a bit inexperienced and afraid of making mistakes, so he struggles to make progress.

He wants to work on some interesting projects by improving his skills and advancing in the field of robotic coding.

His biggest dream is to make his own robot and advance his career in this field.

He fails to gain experience because he can’t put the videos that he watches into practice. This is due to issues including complicated cables, soldering, fear of making mistakes, and the idea that robotic coding seems complicated, which intimidates him more and prevents him from progressing on this path. All of this is why he cannot gain experience.

Then, Matthew encounters PicoBricks.

He thinks that PicoBricks will help him learn.

He finds out that he will receive training materials (videos, pdf files) with the PicoBricks Set. He also learns that he can ask questions to the support team when he gets stuck. Upon hearing this, he immediately makes the purchase.

Matthew starts to use PicoBricks with educational content and videos specially prepared for PicoBricks.

He sees that he can integrate all parts of robotic coding and electronics and give commands to them.

As Matthew continues to use PicoBricks modules, he learns more and can connect the PicoBricks Set and its high-end parts for many different purposes with any phone, drone, or electronic device.

The Results

1-Matthew now has some top-notch experience in this field.

2-He can continue his career in robotics by including in his CV that he has knowledge and skills in robotic coding and artificial intelligence.

3-He knows very well which software he should learn and write along with why.

Okay, So What is PicoBricks?

PicoBricks is an electronic development board + software that is designed for use in maker projects.

With ten detachable modules included, PicoBricks can be used to create a wide variety of projects.

The module components are similar in size to that of LEGO.

It also includes a protoboard that you can use to add own modules!

PicoBricks are often used in educational settings, where they can help students learn about robotics, engineering, and other technical subjects. They are also used by hobbyists and professionals in various industries including manufacturing, research, and product development.

Who is PicoBricks For?

  • ​Kids
  • Engineers
  • Hobbyists
  • Recent Graduates
  • Makers
  • Students
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PicoBricks is For Everyone

No kidding!

PicoBricks is for everyone and anyone interested in electronics and coding.

Beginners with no prior experience will find it easy to get started thanks to the modular hardware design, scratch-like block coding environment, and simulator.

Those with experience can dig more deeply into electronics or explore coding in Python.

And even the most expert makers will appreciate how quickly they can explore ideas and create prototypes with PicoBricks.

Are You Ready to Make Robots Easily
by Learning Electronics and Software?

Start with Zero Knowledge and Experience. Master Electronics and Make a Robot in 1 month. But How?

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using picobricks is easy

I Know You’re Wondering, What You Can Do With Picobricks.
Keep Reading, I Promise I Will Explain.

Our References, Our Satisfied Customers…

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Picobricks is the fastest-funded project on Kickstarter.

In a very short time, $220,000 was funded by 2000 investors.

Before I tell you what you can do with PicoBricks,
I would like to tell you about the features of Picobricks.

Towards the end of the page, you’ll see crazy ideas.

Now let me explain its features.

Just plug in the USB cable and start using it right away!


Using PicoBricks is Easy

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PicoBricks is Easy to Transport and Store

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PicoBricks Has All The Modules You Need

Our team has over 11 years of combined experience in the maker industry.

We’ve used that experience to create the perfect companion board for the Raspberry Pi Pico.

The components are powerful, inexpensive, widely available, and well-supported by the maker community.

Documentation, projects, tutorials, and examples abound.

Have a question?
A quick web search will provide a wealth of information.

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PicoBricks Modules Are Detachable

Once you’ve explored the PicoBricks modules, you may want to use some of them in a project.

Although PicoBricks is compact, there’s no need to build the entire thing into your project.

By detaching the PicoBricks modules, you can connect just the modules you need using cables with standard,
easy-to-use grove connectors.

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PicoBricks Modules Can Be Reassembled

After dividing the PicoBricks into modules, you can easily reassemble them again on the specially designed base plate.

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Learn Fast, Develop Fast

Unlike other boards, PicoBricks has an incredible amount of flexibility for makers at any level! 
Bricks IDE has example codes for different scenarios.
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Comfortable with electronics? Or are you new to coding?

Learn coding from zero to hero with MicroBlocks or PicoBricks’s drag-n-drop, block coding builder.

 MicroBlocks is the easiest coding experience ever created and widely known in the maker industry. 

PicoBricks is Very Easy to Code

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PicoBricks supports various software development platforms that are useful for education, learning, and making.

PicoBricks Offers Unlimited Connectivity Possibilities

No soldering! There are unlimited connections.

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What You Can Do With PicoBricks is Only Limited by Your Imagination

 You can discover many projects with 11 different components of PicoBricks. Apart from this, you can make projects beyond your wildest dreams by adding unlimited components with 8 different connection types.

You can make fun projects with Pico Bricks.

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With PicoBricks, you can make an alarm clock that turns on your lamp automatically.

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You can make a fun spinning wheel for kids easily with PicoBricks.

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Your coffee can be ready automatically each morning with PicoBricks.

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With PicoBricks, you can make your own colored, remote-controlled lamp.

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It’s easy to make a phone-controlled car that’s fun for kids with PicoBricks.

Finally, We’ve Come To The Part You Have Been Wondering About…

Can More Be Done With PicoBricks?

  • Produce video or blog content. Get it, try it and share your experience. Popular science is one of the most trending topics. ​
  • Get a hobby. Add a new one to your hobbies. Not everyone has to knead clay or carve wood.
  • Prepare a surprise for your lover. Everything is ready for a magnificent marriage proposal.
  • ​You can turn your home into Barney Stinson’s smart home.
  • ​You can turn your home into Barney Stinson’s smart home.
  • You can prepare excellent project assignments for class. This way, you can get high grades.
  • Show your students and plant the seed of curiosity in their minds.
  • ​Improve your product by combining it with a product you sell. Make it sensitive to sound, distance, humidity, temperature, or time.
  • ​Integrate your own phone or other electronic devices such as pc, tablet, robot car, and drone. ​
  • Make your daily life easier.
  • Build a ROBOT.
  • For a career in robotics, you may need to have experience in this field! Get this experience yourself.
  • ​Become familiar with all the components, robotic coding, cables and all the points involved in different project processes.
  • ​Make your project, and send it with your job application. ​
  • ​Say HELLO to the world of artificial intelligence and robotic coding.

So, What Problems Do PicoBricks Solve?

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Advantages You Will Gain With PicoBricks

  1. You won’t have to solder. You will not need extra money to buy soldering equipment, and you will not need extra time to solder.
  2. No complicated wiring. Everything is ready in PicoBricks. You just do the coding to see the results.
  3. There will be no false connection errors. That way, you won’t have to waste your time fixing bugs. You can focus on learning and having fun!
  4. Block coding is easy. You will be able to start coding quickly by using block coding without getting lost in complex code languages.
  5. With PicoBricks, you get a quick start. It contains all the basic modules necessary to learn robotic coding and electronics and develop new projects. You do not need to buy extra modules.
  6. PicoBricks are portable in size. You do not need to carry cables or other components in large boxes, as it carries all the necessary modules on it and does not need cables. Just throw it in your bag and carry it wherever you want. Thanks to the battery connection, you can run your project wherever you want. You are ready to learn and develop anywhere at anytime.
  7. PicoBricks includes many connection alternatives. It is very easy to connect anything you want. The only limit for you will be your imagination.​ ​
  8. ​ Get the education. You will have detailed educational content to quickly start using PicoBricks.
  9. Ready support team. Our team of industry experts will always be ready to help you when you encounter a problem or get stuck.
  10. We also offer higher-end products. You will be able to connect with many different electronic devices. You will realize many different purposes. 
  11. We will provide you with everything you need for both beginner and advanced robotic coding. Now your path is clear. All you need to do is make a decision.

Challenges If You Don’t Get PicoBricks

Difficulty #1: You will run into a lot of problems when dealing with solder and wires. This will become a waste of time for you. As the problems get bigger, you will start to get bored of learning and improving.

​Difficulty #2: Confusion and mistakes will hinder the learning process.​

​Difficulty #3: In some cases, you will need soldering, which requires more money for a soldering tool.

​Difficulty #4: For even the simplest LED lighting circuit, you will need a breadboard, jumper wires, a resistor, and a button. But it doesn’t end there. You also have to make the connections right. Otherwise, your circuit will not work properly.

​Difficulty #5: You will need a large box. In this box, you’ll need to store many cables and components necessary for your projects. These boxes are often very complex, and you will struggle to find what you are looking for. ​

​Difficulty #6: You will need another module to use a component. For example, to start a motor, you will need to procure a motor driver.

​Difficulty #7: It will be very difficult to move all the necessary cables, components, and equipment into one place.

PicoBricks ”Zero to Hero” Set Content

PicoBricks Device in the Image + 20 Total Products Introduced in 7 Bonuses


Educational Content + Customer Support

picobricks cta



Carrying Bag: With this stylish carrying bag, you will be able to carry your PicoBricks safely and comfortably.




Micro USB Cable: This is the cable you will use to connect your PicoBricks to your computer.

Connecting Cables: These are the cables you will use to connect the modules together after separating PicoBricks into modules.

Jumper Cables: To add more sensors, modules, etc. to PicoBricks, you can use these cables


Mini Breadboard: You can use PicoBricks for
extra connections you will need while using it in your advanced projects.

Battery Holder: You can use PicoBricks
without being connected to a computer or providing the energy you need for your projects.

Triple Battery Holder: You can use it for more battery needs in your projects.




ESP-8266 WIFI Module: ESP-8266 WiFi Module: With this module, you can connect your projects to the WiFi network and make IoT projects that can be managed over the network.

Bluetooth Module: With this module, you can make projects that can be controlled remotely by connecting to your mobile phone.

Smart Greenhouse Kit: This kit includes the wooden frame, nylon and transparent hose materials you will need to build your own smart greenhouse.

RFID NFC Module: This kit contains the necessary parts for you to make smart projects using the NFC system.


Soil Moisture Sensor: With this sensor, you can measure the moisture of the soil and make systems such as automatic irrigation or flood detection.

Rex PIR Sensor: With this sensor, you can make projects that react by detecting movements in the environment.

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor: By measuring the distance with this sensor, you can make projects such as parking sensors and smart meters.

Microphone Sensor: With this sensor, you can make projects that react when detecting certain sounds in the environment.



bonus4 2
Robot body kit: This kit contains the necessary body parts to build your model car. 
2X Servo motor: You can use these motors when making your own car and other projects. 
2X Motor and Wheel Set: This set includes the motor and wheels for your model car. 
Pan-Tilt Bracket: With this kit, you can make your
 own robot arm.


Base Plate and Holder:

You can carry PicoBricks on the base plate with or without modules. 
After separating it, you can combine it by attaching it to this platform.
base plate2

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Frequently Asked Questions:

PicoBricks box contents are as follows: PicoBricks, Raspberry Pi Pico, Carrying bag, Base plate, Quick start guide and includes;

Your First Funnels’ “Welcome Kit” is a physical box that comes with:

USB cable
Mini Breadboard
Jumper Cables
Battery Holder
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor
Bluetooth Module
ESP8266 WI-FI Module
Sound Sensor
2× Servo Motor
Triple Battery Holder
2× 6V 250 Rpm Motor and Wheel Set
Mini Pan-Tilt Bracket
2WD Robot Body Kit
Smart Greenhouse Kit
PIR Sensor

PicoBricks is a product developed to facilitate robotic coding. It does not need soldering and complicated wiring.

To use it, simply connect the USB cable to your computer.

PicoBricks was developed by a dedicated team.

This team is always ready to support. We have set up our community page so that you can get a quick answer if you have any problems.

Here, you can get support from other PicoBricks users, especially our team, and share your favorite projects.

PicoBricks is a hardware product that makes it easy to learn and apply robotic coding. PicoBricks also includes online educational videos.  

Yes, we will ship the PicoBricks package to you. 

PicoBricks has been developed in very compact dimensions.

You can easily carry it in your bag in the Base Plate and carrying bag.Product dimensions are as follows: Height: 10 cm, width: 15 cm.

It includes 3 separate connection options to manage PicoBricks wirelessly.

These are; Bluetooth, WiFi, and IR sensors.

With these connections, you can make projects that you can remotely manage wirelessly.

The only limit to the projects you can do with PicoBricks is your imagination.

From a simple LED lighting application to a remote control car, from smart home projects to advanced projects, it is now very simple to do everything. 

PicoBricks includes a protoboard for your advanced projects. You can either solder this module or use it by sticking a mini breadboard. PicoBricks is always with you in your advanced projects.

Yes, pico bricks are extremely safe for children. Pico Brick is lead free and RoHS compliant.

Of course not, Pico bricks is suitable for all levels and all kinds of users who wants to learn or develop their skills.

PicoBricks is a development board suitable for users of all ages and levels.

PicoBricks has been developed for users of all ages to learn and practice robotic coding.

Block coding is recommended for children to learn robotic coding more easily.

PicoBricks gives full support to MicroBlocks, a block coding platform. In this way, children’s robotic coding learning process becomes easy and fun.

PicoBricks comes with ready-made projects and instructions so you can learn robotic coding from scratch.

In addition, it does not need soldering and complex cables for use.

This allows you to focus on the learning process. It is specially developed for beginners, kids, engineers and makers.

The only limit to the projects you can do with PicoBricks is your imagination.

Here are some smart home projects you can do for your home: an Automatic pot irrigation system, smart lighting system, smart greenhouse, automatic coffee machine, automatic fish feeding system, automatic food machine for your pets and more!

PicoBricks is a project development board that can be programmed on three different platforms with Microblocks, Thonny and Arduino IDE.

With MicroBlocks, we can develop projects by moving code blocks to our project page by drag-and-drop method. MicroBlocks is a block-based programming platform and is generally preferred by users with little coding knowledge, younger users or users who want to develop projects quickly.

Click here to go to MicroBlocks online editor.We can develop projects using the MicroPython language with the thonny coding platform. MicroPython is a programming language that eliminates punctuation (syntax) errors that are frequently made in coding platforms as much as possible.

Arduino IDE platform is one of the most common programs used for physical programming. It allows us to develop projects using the C programming language.

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