Who We Are

The Owner of Pico Bricks, Robotistan’s journey started in 2010 with 6 passionate university student in a student small club room.


Our Story

The History

In 2010 Robotistan launched as a e-commerce startup by 6 friends in a university club. Their dream was gaining enough money for creating their own maker products and selling all around the world. Since 11 year they are still together and stepping the ladders of success with more than 60 same minded people who works together.

“Do it simple, do it now.”


Yasir Çiçek   / CEO

We Create

Robotistan is producing innovative maker kits and pcbs since more then a decade. Our main motivations are leading the global maker community with new technologies and backing our R&D department for continuous development.

We Supply

From all around the world with more than 5000+ products, we are working with the most reputable dealers possible. Everyday, we are working to supply the best seller and newest products in the market tirelessly.

We Sell

Our e-commerce operation is shipping hundreds of packages everyday to all around the world. With %99 customer satisfaction, everyday we are still trying to gain the missing %1.

+208 000 Happy Customers

5 Day Support

Fastest Delivery